Why choose us

All Around Healthcare has been established to serve communities with quality care that need Urgent and Primary Care the most. Since we are locally owned and operated, we do not have corporate hospital standards that can drive up our patient cost and lack of quality care. All Around Healthcare is committed to the communities, families, and patients we serve; by providing the most affordable quality care in an efficient and effective manner.

We understand that our patients changing lives require our practice to be flexible to accommodate their needs.  Because of this, we welcome all walk-in patients and have established working hours (Monday through Sunday 9:00am – 9:00pm), to accommodate any patient need. As we become your primary care provider, our friendly staff we work with those that have unique care needs, be setting up appointments, follow-ups and referrals.

All Around Healthcare is truly “Urgent Care in your Neighborhood”.

What sets us apart:


All Around Healthcare will work diligently with you to optimize your health care and be accountable to help you achieve and transform your health. Our quality staff is committed to all our patients’ well-being.


All Around Healthcare will provide you with the quality health care, when you need it.


All Around Healthcare believe that growth enhances change. We will monitor your progress along the health continuum and fully engage in concepts that will promote healthy change.


All Around Healthcare believe that all persons have the right to excellent healthcare regardless of race, gender, religion, or social economic status.


All Around Healthcare believe that education is power. Our goal is to teach you about your individualized health process and together develop an effective care plan with measurable and favorable outcomes.


All Around Healthcare we believe that relationships are built on trust.  We will maintain your right to privacy.  We will strive to gain and keep your trust in Healthcare to build a better individual, a stronger family, and a thriving community.